1. Activate account

  • Use your email to login http://contractor.eqsasia.com/ehs-login/.
  • For the first time login, click “Lost your password?”, enter your email and click “Get New Password”.
  • Acknowledge the email confirming the password request to obtain a new password.
  • Use your email and the new password to login. Select the “Profile” tab to change your password.

2. Conduct training

  • Select the “Training Material” tab to download course note, test paper and answer.
  • Conduct the Contractor EHS Training for your company workers only.
  • Conduct test and mark test paper
  • Prepare training records with the details of workers

3. Submit training records

  • Login the portal, select the “Training Records” tab and click the link “Upload Training Record”.
  • Fill in the trainee details and click submit.
  • Ensure the trainee details are complete and correct, especially the last 4 digits of work permit no for “S” Pass and Work Permit holders. Incomplete or incorrect training records will be rejected.
  • Resubmit training records if they are rejected.
  • Do not include previously submitted training records.

4. Maintain training records

  • You will be notified after the training records is forwarded to Hewlett Packard.
  • The trainer validity is 3 years from the date of training. To renew the trainer validity, click here to register for the next training.

5. Common pitfalls

  • The work permit number is incorrectly entered with FIN or left blank for WP and S Pass holder.
  • The training was conducted more than 6 months ago.
  • The person conducted the training is not a qualified trainer trained by EQS Asia.
  • The person conducted the training is a registered under another company.

Click the link below for your reference.

SGP ISO / SIO Contractor EHS Training USER GUIDE