In view of the Personal Data Protection Act requirements, we are no longer collecting NRIC No / FIN / Passport No in the contractor spreadsheet from 1 Sep 2019. Partial Identification containing the last 4 alphanumeric characters shall be used for verification purposes.

The submission of training records will be effected online at instead of email. The ID number and work permit number (for work permit and S pass holders) required are summarised as follows:

Residence Status ID Type ID Number Work Permit Number
Singapore citizen Pink NRIC Last 4 alphanumeric “NA”
Singapore PR Blue NRIC Last 4 alphanumeric “NA”
Employment Pass FIN Last 4 alphanumeric “EP”
Work Permit & S Pass FIN Last 4 alphanumeric Last 4 digits
Visitor Passport Last 4 alphanumeric “NA”

Qualified trainers successfully completed the Contractor EHS Training after Sep 2019 will be assigned with user account to login the portal to upload training records. Qualified trainers will also able to download current training materials.

Qualified trainers completed the training previously can contact EQS Asia to create user account.