SGP ISO/SIO Contractor EHS Training Program

Hewlett-Packard Singapore Inkjet Supplies Operation / Singapore Ink Operations (SGP ISO/SIO) is committed to ensure that all contractors’ employees and their sub-contractors are knowledgeable on SGP ISO/SIO Environmental, Health & Safety rules and regulations.

Since 1st June 2006, all contractors’ employees, including sub-contractors, must undergo an employee EHS training prior to commencement of projects, services or activities associated with or related to SGP ISO/SIO’s premises. The contractor EHS training is conducted by EQS Asia every month.

Every contractor and sub-contractor may nominate at least one management or supervisory staff to attend the training to become a qualified trainer to train his company’s workers. Upon successful completion of the training, he will administer the worker training records and submit the worker training records to EQS Asia, who will in turn advise SGP ISO/SIO to update the records in security guard post database.

This record will in turn qualify the trained workers for daily contractor pass at guard posts. Records from any cross-company training of workers will not be accepted for SGP ISO/SIO database for the daily pass at guard posts.

The trained workers will be allowed to enter or work in SGP ISO/SIO premises. Validity of training is for a period of 3 years. Upon expiry, qualified trainers and workers will have to attend refresher training.